Auto Dealer Representation

auto-dealer-repThe firm provides comprehensive legal coverage to automobile industry professionals on a nationwide basis.  The greatest advantage our firm has over the competition comes from our depth and breadth of professional experience.  Whether it is a dispute with an OEM, a question of franchise law, an employment issue or a vendor dispute, the firm has successfully assisted other dealers with these issues and can also assist your dealership with them.  For example, in the area of franchise law, Texas has very specific rules governing the issuance of a franchise and the relationship between a franchisor and a franchisee.  Our firm has a strong background in Texas franchise law and is deeply committed to helping auto dealers protect their franchise rights.  If your franchise is threatened or if you are seeking to acquire a franchise in a different state, please contact our office.

Commercial Litigation

commercial-litigationThe firm provides a variety of commercial litigation services for both plaintiff and defendant corporations.  We aggressively pursue our clients’ rights against other businesses and former employees who infringe on those rights.  We also routinely represent corporations who find themselves defending claims for breach of contract, tortious interference and similar business litigation causes of action.  We  also provide guidance on litigation avoidance, risk management and other preventative measures to limit potential exposure relating to commercial litigation.

Employment Law

employment-lawThere are a variety of steps your business can take to ensure that its workplace is healthy and productive.  Whether it is ensuring that your company has a policy letter governing vehicle usage or providing guidance on compliance with the provisions of Title VII and related anti-discrimination statutes, or helping prevent your employees from disclosing your confidential business information, our firm can provide your business with the legal guidance necessary to maximize its human capital.  The firm provides the following employment law services:

  • EEOC Representation
  • Employment Contracts
  • Non-compete / Non-solicitation Agreements
  • Non-disclosure Agreements
  • Title VII and Anti-Discrimination Reviews & Compliance
  • Employee Litigation
  • Policy Letters
  • Employment Background Checks

Estate Planning and Probate

estate-planningOur firm focuses on the estate planning process which enables our clients to place their legal affairs in order before their death.  Utilizing modern techniques for wealth transference, our firm facilitates the transfer of private wealth to surviving generations.  Our approach to estate planning is guided by one overarching principle:  ensure the client’s needs are met in a simple, cost effective manner.  The firm is well versed in the drafting of wills and the creation of trusts.  Further, the firm offers flat fee pricing for all aspects of the estate planning process including pre-paid probate for simple estates.

General Counsel Services

general-counsel-tab-newThe firm serves as general counsel to a variety of Texas based businesses, including auto dealerships, construction companies, oil and gas service companies, medical providers and other business entities.

Our attorneys are intimately familiar with the formation and management requirements of Texas entities and routinely provide advice to business owners on formation and management issues, including the preparation of employment contracts, service agreements, commercial leases and contracts concerning other business related transactions.

If you seek assistance in the formation, management or dissolution of your business then please contact one of our attorneys today.